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The Dipper, an incense manufacturer, was established in 1980. Having been unable to find a quality incense to suit our customer's needs, we decided to create something better. Most incense manufacturers had moved their production to China, India, or Thailand. We began producing truly fresh and moist incense completely unlike imported incense or the very dry incense featured in the mass-market stores.

Being an Incense Manufacturer, we know that you, the customer, would like the absolute freshest and strongest incense available, so we developed a superior alternative. You proved us right. We sold all we could and burned the rest at our homes!

Using the same formulas and high quality ingredients we still produce what is the finest incense in the world. Incense that will actually produce a memorable scent when burning and burn it will! The 11" sticks last an entire hour and the 19" Big Stick burns an incredible 3-4 Plus hours! As incense manufacturers, we seek to make all the best products available to you.

From our site you can Buy Incense Online, including the world famous 19" Big Stick, a variety of Incense Cones, Incense Burners and Liquid Incense Oil. Here at The Dipper, you can even Buy Incense Wholesale and get into this wonderful business. If you have additional questions or want to offer comments or suggestions, please call us today or Contact Us Online.

*The Dipper only ships to the continental United States. Canada visitors may contact The Dipper for shipping & handling fees.

I just received my second order from The Dipper inc, and I am more than satisfied. Your incense is the best I have ever used and I have tried just about all of them. I have recommended The Dipper to everyone I know that would be interested in incense and everyone has been so pleased with their incense. I wanted to thank you for the free samples and fast shipping. I will be ordering incense from you forever! Warm and Sensual is THE BEST scent EVER!! Keep up the great work, and thanks again!!!

J. Braddy

I received my incense and oil samples about 3 weeks ago and I have never been happier. You guys are THE BEST incense company ever! I love your products! I burn several of the 19 inch incense daily and everything I got from you was perfect.

I do plan on making another order in the near future when I save up enough extra money for a large purchase. I will not get my incense from any other company ever again. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CARE!

C Buttler

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