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The Dipper Incense features the world's largest selection of incense in over 100 captivating fragrances. All our incense is handcrafted and sealed in protective bags to ensure freshness. We have earned our reputation of excellence by blending exceptional essences with only the highest quality ingredients. The Dipper incense is also known for it's longer burn times. Better still, now you can buy incense online, right here on our website!

Home of The Big Stick Incense, our aromas go unmatched anywhere in the world and have won the title of "America's Favorite Incense". The Dipper's incense is created from the finest essences available including Vanilla from Madagascar and premium Malaysian Patchouli for our incense.

Every incense stick of this extraordinary selection is fashioned by hand, dipped in the finest oils and then gently seasoned in the Southwestern warmth. The Dipper incense is enclosed in protective pouches to seal in these amazing incense fragrances. Why buy incense anywhere else?

Incense has been used since ancient times and has done nothing but gain popularity in recent years. The uses for incense are endless. Here are just a few reasons people buy The Dipper incense:

It has never been easier to buy incense online. Just choose from your style and pick your incense fragrance! We offer 11" Short Incense Sticks, the world famous 19" Big Stick Incense, a variety of Incense Cones, Incense Burners and Liquid Incense. Here at The Dipper Incense, you can even Buy Incense Wholesale and get into this wonderful business. If you have additional questions or want to offer comments or suggestions, please Contact Us Online.

*The Dipper only ships to the continental United States. Canada visitors may contact The Dipper for shipping & handling fees.

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